About Blush Boutique

Monical Family

Small Town Boutique...Big Time Fashion

Located in Cimarron, Kansas, Blush Boutique brings big town fashion home. We carry unique, on-trend fashion items that are sure to add the WOW factor to your wardrobe. Blush Boutique is a place that both mother and daughter can shop together and find something that fits their individual styles. For owner, Kimberly, Blush Boutique is about more than just clothes. It's about fulfilling a lifelong dream of bringing happiness and opportunity to her hometown. When you visit Blush Boutique, it will be about more than clothes for you too. Kimberly and her staff are committed to helping you find your perfect outfit. Imagine - a personal shopper for you, right here in Cimarron, Kansas.

About the Owners

Kimberly and Matt Monical own several business in downtown Cimarron, Kansas, including Blush Boutique, Clark Pharmacy and Main Street Baking Company. Family, faith and community are at the core of their business values and they strive to run their businesses each and every day based on those principles. Kimberly and Matt are high school sweethearts who were both born and raised in Cimarron, Kansas.  Matt received his Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of Kansas before moving back to Cimarron to work at Clark Pharmacy.  Kimberly and Matt were married in 2008 and now have two children, Aubrie and Cason.