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Empowered Women Empower Women

Empowered Women Empower Women

I’m sure you’ve all seen the hype surrounding International Women’s Day, and all the quotes and articles and pictures and all the women fighting for all the causes. But we all know that women’s day is everyday and it doesn’t always look like marches and posters and shattered glass ceilings. It got me to thinking about the little everyday things that we can do to shine a little light on our fellow females and give that extra “atta-girl” that encourages one of our sisters when she needs it.

  1. Speak beautiful when you see beautiful.  Sometimes I get so bogged down in my own personal struggles and it amazes me how sometimes the boot in the butt that I need to get out of my funk doesn’t really have anything to do with me at all.  Watching another woman who is dealing with her own stuff light up when I take the time to share with her the kind words is a balm to the soul. And I’m not just talking “I like your face” or “wow, those shoes”...I’m talking the kind of words that point out a generous spirit, or a brilliant idea, or a level of grit that just blows the mind.  Speak that beautiful.
  2. Pray over your sisters.  One of my dear friends and I have a shower deal, we are both busy Mommas that don’t get a lot of quiet time, so we pray for one another when we get the 5 minute respite of a shower.  When I see her in the hall, and she tells me that she took a shower this morning, I know that she spent those 5 minutes alone lifting me up and I am so humbled that she chose to pray over me in that time.  
  3. Be present.  This is one of the hardest uplifting strategies for me.  I’m a talker and a fixer and when I see a girlie in struggle I want to swoop in and give a pep-talk peppered with strategies for righting the wrong.  What would happen if we chose instead to just be present? To listen with our hearts and minds. To hug and hold and comfort. To whisper those words of shared experience,”Where you are, I’ve been there too.”  To love the women around us right where they are, right where we are, safe in the circle of the trust that can only come from shared experience.

I want my daughter to see me doing these practices for the women in my life, I want her to feel the love and acceptance that come from me taking the time to speak her beautiful, and pray over her curly head, and be present when she comes to me for a heart to heart.  Feel those lovies!

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